Thank Your Brain - Dec 18, 2017

A Simple Form of Self-Healing

human brainDid you know that you can heal yourself by thanking yourself?

An Australian Acupuncturist, Joy Smith, is seeing extraordinary results from asking patients to thank their own brains for healing themselves.  This new technique follows her work with meridians and acupuncture points, but can be a mantra for us all in our everyday lives.

"Thank you, Brain, for healing my body!"  The more you say it, the more it becomes engrained and hard wired into the brain.  Joy explained that it works on several levels.

First, there is the simple act of thinking about saying it.  This thought initiates the process as it moves to the lips.  Then there is the kinesthetic experience of actually moving lips, tongue, and breath through our vocal chords that allows us to speak the words, "Thank you, Brain, for healing my body."  Then, there is the act of hearing our own words.

So, we have several layers that this statement comes through us and even back to us with sound waves.  Then, if we move this thought to emotion, where we feel ourselves being grateful, we enter an all new level of healing.  In terms of energetics, thoughts are one tenth the electro-magnetic force of emotions.  It is when thoughts move from the brain to the heart that they generate the most energy and affective force to make change.

Now, why are we thanking our brain for healing our body?  We all have intrinsic self-healers within each and every one of us.  Hippocrates in 400 BCE realized this, and books have been written on it since.  Our brain is the central processing unit of our body systems.  It is here that electro-magnetic impulses are initiated and spread out along neural pathways that communicate with the body.  By making this simple statement, "Thank you, Brain, for healing my body," a daily mantra, we are acknowledging our healers within, being grateful to our brains and bodies, and inserting consciousness into healing our bodies.

Go ahead, thank your brain for healing your body!