Nothing New - Feb 17, 2018

Spirals and Swirls and Cycles

many spirals

If one is to take a moment to observe the natural world, it might be possible to see the underlying order to a seemingly chaotic existence. To start, attention could be paid to the weather. The satellites that orbit the Earth give wonderful, aerial views of the weather patterns. From above, the view is of spirals and swirls that cycle around and around. These patterns then lie within greater cycles of our collective path around our sun, which in turn rotates and spirals through the galaxy and universe.

These cycles that form in spirals continue cycling around whilst never returning to the same point. They are seen in the stars, and even down in the smaller details. Snails, rams, flora and fauna all utilize the spiral in forms of growth and expansion.

So, throughout all of existence, all of existence spirals in and throughout itself over and over. Many debate and argue over the origin of this momentary existence. However, I feel that the answer to the questions is that a circle, a cycle or spiral, has no beginning nor an end.

The saying, “History repeats itself,” is depictive of the nature of existence. Although, it is never the same, just like the spiral, history tends to come back to similar stories. Truly, there is nothing new, but a new point reached along the same spiral.

So, what does this mean? Well, several things:

Time is not linear, but cyclical and spiral. Like the Iroquois, decisions should be considered for seven generations to come. This, then, expands our awareness and consciousness in every decision.

Reincarnation looks all the more realistic as a possibility. Physics states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed. While, Religion states that God is, was, and forever shall be forever and ever, Amen.

If we are to return to another body, how do we choose to spend our time here this time in this body? What generations are we considering with each decision?

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