BioMimicry - Feb 17, 2018

When Will The Herd Be Disturbed? Musings on Bio mimicry and Our Future . . .

Biomimicry planet cell buddhaWe see it all around us. We see it within the atomic structure and the design of our solar system – the designs appearing similar – planets cycling around the sun; electrons, neutrons and protons cycling around a nucleus. We see it in our history books. We see it in our microscopes. Some say we see it when we pass from this living plane – they say the next is similar to this one. Bio mimicry . . . nature’s grand evolutionary design where specific design, form and function, time-tested through millennia, are duplicated throughout nature’s micro and macro living realms. Governed by specific natural laws that insure its evolution and further refine its development as time unfolds, nature’s designs are seen over and over again in all of Earth’s systems.

We experience these designs in something as simple as a gaze into the air with the curiosity and wonder of why and how does a bird fly - leading to the grand machines we glide in from coast to coast. It makes sense, we reason it looks like it can do what we believe it can do – and the mimicry continues with each generation adding improvements and following the grand design.  Industry has grasped this natural imagining concept long ago and fabricated functional, useful designs in which our species lives, works and travels. Are we more a part of this design than we think? Do we often feel as though we are in control, we are the originators, and, perhaps, that nature’s designs are here to service us when, are we merely a function of the design, caretakers of such beautiful grace?

Nature duplicates this bio mimicry design down to the most minute level – that of bacteria, viral and fungi – families of each forming colonies that offer so much good and can offer such distress, all part of the balance that must be maintained in order to flourish. They live in something called biofilm and, conforming to the millennia-tested form and functional, much of the biofilm looks just like a birds nest. It protects them, offering a home to permit them to live to do what they need to do – whether it is disease-causing crusades like Lyme Disease or other more protective ventures, like probiotics in our gut as the first line of our defense against disease. Over and over and over we see it. These designs are working and have been working through the ages. These designs are governed by specific laws, that, when broken, specific changes are set in motion that are sometimes not able to be corrected because they became too far out-of-balance. The design is further governed by natural laws of evolution in that, if these designs are flawed, continually flawed, as in genetic damage that is altered by carcinogens or other simple, continually flawed food intake, the design, the cellular design, is programmed to destroy itself and, thus preserve the larger design. In the case of a cancer cell that is replicated, our cellular laws can call for its destruction should it threaten the host (us).

Are we are seeing this process occur presently within our human species and the relationship we have with the larger design – Earth? Bio mimicry, the same at the micro as the macro– within us and outside us, the design is duplicated and governed by natural laws. When continually flawed through all that we can plainly see that flaws this design – toxins, chemicals, hatred, flawed thinking - nature will program, by design, it’s death. In health realms, the cell undergoes programmed cellular death – A – POP-TO-SIS, apoptosis, the genetic limitation of the lifespan of cells. Is the human species inhabiting Earth similar to the cells inhabiting our body. Have we have become flawed? Will we continue to do so and continue to replicate this design much like cancer and the spreading cells,that, governed by programmed death so as not to threaten the larger design, can simply experience programmed death and necrotize – cease to exist? Perhaps we believe that we are in control of this process? But . . . When Will The Herd Be Disturbed? What critical mass will dictate a larger, more massive human drive to action to correct this ? When will we be driven into a larger action phase? Earth has shaken us, flooded us, tsunami’d us and, like a silent, grazing herd of a million buffalo on The Great Plains awaiting the approaching storm, what lightning bolt will disturb our herd. One can feel it. It is coming soon, very soon. It must come or the form in which we are now may change significantly – by design.

How might we be able to heal these wounds, correct these flaws, conquer cancer and prevent a possible exclusion of our species in the grand design? Is the task too large, the wounds too deep, the cancer too complex to begin to sort this out? Are we simply too far gone, stuck in the swamp of sadness and despair, able to see the shore and dry land, but perhaps, too tired for Earth’s as well as our own healing journey? As a health practitioner charged with sorting out seemingly complex health issues, a prerequisite to true healing involves the empowerment and knowledge of those being healed. Do we believe that we hold no ownership on development of healing answers, that someone else is to do the job? Are we on our own self-centered human odessey where we can simply go it alone, not needing others? Our human species has encountered this before and the events and history are embedded at our cellular level. Our world knows how to do this, our body and mind knows how to do this, WE already know how to do this. We have recovered from dire events. We know how to heal, we remember it. We can LET it happen. Let our body and mind heal in the manner in which it knows how. Let the Earth heal in the manner in which it knows how. Can we help it along through simple things –yes, very simple things – it is how it begins – and how it ends. You see, our behavior is familiar with patterns. Our health is familiar with patterns. Like our morning cup of coffee, our mind is familiar with patterns. We keep old negative patterns, by practicing old negative patterns. They are patterns that we are used to, patterns of how we caretake the Earth and ourselves. We rebuild new patterns by practicing new patterns. We build new health by building new patterns. We rebuild new Earth restoration patterns by practicing new Earth patterns. You see, the positive, beautiful natural state of grace that is US and the Earth is its natural state of grace. 

Can we simply assist it in doing what is has known how to do for millennia? As a health practitioner and soil rebuilder, one IS able to simply give the body, give the soil what it needs to do what it already knows how to do. It knows the behavior patterns. Can we begin to build the behavior, health and Earth restoration patterns in simple terms and watch it grow so that MAJOR change takes places as more and more critical mass builds and more and more thought and intention and emotion builds behind the efforts, until, just like the Berlin Wall could truly no longer stand, what we do to eachother, what we do to the Earth can no longer stand.  Science and Biology know this phenomenon as Morphic Resonance which is when there is a greater degree of similarity between objects, the greater the resonance which leads to a persistence of particular form and function being repeated – like when the Berlin Wall fell, it seemed as though nothing could stop it from falling , its time had come. Can this phenomenon be repeated with other behavior and other living systems. Science says it can. Can this be the form and fashion in which we can be healed? Is this how Bio Mimicry is applied to HEAL ourselves and the Earth? Can it be as simple as a smile to another, a smile in our mirror, holding the door for another, a phone call to a friend to ask for forgiveness or to give it, giving a random gift, giving a seat to another, sending light to a wheelchair victim, or an accident victim.  Can we practice, practice, practice kindness. Can new behavior patterns emerge? The wall will come down. It is the way it is supposed to be. We deserve it. We deserve it now.

Are we now being presented with the presence of models of how to do this due to our thoughts that the need is now? Is there a mental shift, a thought shift that actually creates the reality of the models presence as more and more of us establish that the need exists?

Can we feel the presence? Can we feel the thunderclap rising on the plain? Similar to the increasing wind speed and energy near the eye of a hurricane, our human species presses closer to one another as we move closer to the vortex of change itself. Is it the vortexed gateway that we must pass through in order to experience the calm. Does this calm become our reality once we recognize that we have more in common than we have differences and, like the calm in the eye of the hurricane, we must pass through the turmoil of the eyewall prior to our own calm? Again, Bio mimicry in action? Are we experiencing that now? Does the healing of our species and the Earth mimic the method of healing our very being at the cellular level, from the inside out? The fusion of science and medicine is now occurring as we see this mimicry unfold. We now know that disease and sickness begins with negative shifts in emotional thought followed by shifts in energy, often a lower vibrational energy at the cellular level, followed by actual physical shifts in well being. We see this when we become ill. We are tired first, then our emotional self takes over and thoughts of self care become evident, often followed by full physical symptoms for which we seek professional care. Like the cells within our body that become ill, can our entire human species become sickened through shifts in thought , followed by shifts in energy as millions adopt the same shifts in thought, followed by actual physical changes that further degrade the host (Earth)? Morphic Resonance says it can. Is that what we are experiencing now as Earth’s movements – its physical symptoms - are awakened? Does one affect the other? Can it, possibly? Through the knowledge of Bio mimicry, might we see a model for healing?

In my practice, I have not seen true physical healing regained without mental and emotional shifts first. It is as if the body will not permit true health and healing without first dealing with the negative thoughts, beliefs and actions that created the negative energy shifts of cellular disease. Positive healing words and energies have been seen to shift beings to a healing mode.  It has always been a precursor to physical healing. Is the answer to Earth’s healing, our species healing right in front of us. While we are waiting at the front door for others laboratory “cures” or technological wonders imposed from a model we have elected, do answers await us elsewhere? Has the answer come in the side door and tapped us on the shoulder and reminded us it was here waiting for us? Are the answers to our personal and societal ills waiting for us to simply seek . . . and find? Designs are all around us. Do we simply need to practice the seemingly simple mental and energetic shifts of kindness to ourselves and others to make this happen? Science supports this healing. Spontaneous healings have taken place in hospital corridors throughout the world through positive affirmations and prayer. Will our species heal; will the Earth heal when we seek simple energy shifts and practice them. Shifts of kindness, empathy and compassion expressed toward ourselves first, then others each day of our lives.  The first two weeks are difficult as we make a loving gesture, a kind gesture, a smile where once a harsh word or frown occurred – mental and physical patterns not wanting to change –however, something happens after two weeks that makes it easier. We realize that our gestures toward another are really happening to our being – it is happening at the cellular level. Like the feeling we get when we GIVE a gift, not just when we receive. These shifts can and will heal us.  We use this healing mode everyday with various approaches in our holistic health practice.

Has the Herd been disturbed and is it moving; sparked by the lightning bolt of healing need and hope from the masses who simply wish this to occur? The Herd is recognizing what it has known all along . . . We are shifting and the Earth and our species shall never be the same.

Written by Brian D. Jones, Traditional Naturopath, Santa Barbara, California

Brian works at restoring Earth balance with a company directing natural, organic soil systems as well as using organic and natural means to restore human health balance involving common and chronic conditions. He is a naturalist, surfer, writer, T.V. fitness expert and public speaker. He can be reached at 610-587-4198 or or