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Monday, September 4, 1995
By Art Carey

Radnor[Radnor Township, PA] hired a consultant, Brian Jones of Natural Gardens & Lawns, Inc. of Media, and launched a soil-management program that relies on natural techniques and products. Through proper seeding, mowing, fertilizing and aerating, Radnor is keeping its fields healthy and green without resorting to pernicious chemicals (except for occasional spot problems). "What we're trying to do is bring the soil alive so that it begins building the turf, as opposed to having an arsenal of fertilizers and pesticides and feeding the grass through artificial means," Jones says.   Read full article here.

Zoo Information and Photos

Elephant Shot Zoo SafeturfN.G.L., Inc. is involved with America's Zoos in the development of custom fertilizers and soil supplements that are by design - pathogen free - creating and / or enhancing your program within animal environments. All materials / procedures are without the use of pesticides. A no cost individual meeting can begin your program (eastern region). Each progam is custom and highly detail-oriented.  To see more photos, click here.

Athletic Field Info & Photos

Safe Turf Field
N.G.L., Inc. is involved with athletic field installation / renovation / rehab. Aeration, seeding, sodding, and topdressing - each effort is custom. All procedures completed without the use of pesticides. Custom maintenance plans designed. A no cost individual meeting is set up to discuss specific requirements. To see more photos, click here.