The Program - Dec 18, 2017

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Natural Gardens & Lawns logo  SAFETURFsm Program Steps:
General Aspects of the Program

A. ENHANCEMENT OF THE SOIL - fertilizing program and additional soil amendments according to specs., adequate calcium levels for proper ph levels are imperative.

B. CULTURAL PRACTICES - aeration for proper soil oxygen and water, as well as nutrient movement. Compaction should be a problem on athletic fields due to high traffic. Aeration a must. Use of proper grass seed a must. Custom designed and recommended according to specific areas of the country. Improved, endophyte enhanced grasses are important. Proper mowing height for promotion of a thick turf is important to prevent direct sun rays from reaching the soil level to germinate weed and undesirable grass seed.

C. INTERVENTION - if a problem does arise, then the natural program can intervene with natural, non-toxic or least toxic combatants. Undesirable grasses and weeds are controlled through the use of high calcium lime to drive PH levels up to a level that does not support these items as well as through the use of non-toxic, biological compounds that consume seed as a food source.

D. ASSESSMENT - on-site, pre-program pictures are taken during initial soil preparation followed by on-going chronicle of program. Post-program assessment pictures taken and interpreted. Three scheduled written assessments are conducted with supervisory personnel.

E. EDUCATION - program involving all aspects of SAFETURFsm are conducted with management and on-line staff.