The Case For Natural - Dec 18, 2017

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Why consider SAFETURFsm as compared to a synthetic chemically-based program?

Your soil and turf.
SAFETURFsm provides slow release naturally occurring fertilizers that develop the soil as well as the turf. These natural fertilizers have active, beneficial bacteria that create a “living soil” containing up to 900 billion organisms per pound of soil that strengthens turf and creates a defense against weeds and harmful insects. Our controls for insects are selective in nature, and will not harm beneficial insects or bacteria that move nutrients and decompose thatch.

Chemical programs use quick release nitrogen which contributes to thatch build-up and attracts insects. (Excess nitrogen breaks down into enzymes which insects can convert to protein.) The insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides (commonly known together as “pesticides”) that are used are not selective and kill beneficials. Beneficials do everything from controlling pest populations to eliminating thatch. Synthetic pesticides and fungicides also build up resistence in the target pest. Rutgers university has identified 330 species of insects that have resistant strains.

Our environment.
We do not need more pesticides on our fields, parks and turf, in our drinking water, and in the air we breathe. The data linking lawn-care chemicals to long-term chronic health problems and fatal diseases is too significant to ignore.

Our results.
Please take a moment to view several photographs that are evidence of the effectiveness of SAFETURFsm...turf care without toxins.