"The Shine" - Jan 23, 2018

How do we Shine?

energetic beingSome people really do Shine.

Have you seen it, “The Shine” that some people possess? Some people have it in their smile. Others simply emanate an inherent glow. This can be especially perceptible when some people stand next to others. It is almost as though one person sparkles while another may be cast in shadow. Let us discuss…

People are energy beings, complex energetic beings. We gather energy from the food we eat, the air we breathe, the sun we soak, and the water we drink. All of these energies combine to comprise the human being and the electromagnetic field that surrounds us all. We are not merely confined to the extremities of our skin, but energetically extend beyond the boundaries of our bodies. Our electromagnetic fields not only surround us, they penetrate our very being in a network of high and low bio-energy fields. All things vibrate and carry a vibrational energy. Slower vibrating matter is considered to be physical matter, and extremely fast vibration at the speed of light is considered subtle matter, or energy.

So, we all have our very own energetic field that has been documented and studied over time. It has been called many things from atmosphere to bio-energy field to aura. Either way, all living things are enveloped by the sum of all their energy fields, which manifests as a radiance around a material object. This radiance is not always visible to usual, everyday sight. It can be seen in certain lights or by gifted or clairvoyant people. Some people believe that some animals, like cats, who have extremely perceptive eye sight, can view these subtle energies.

“The Shine,” therefore manifests from a being that is vibrationally exuding radiance. Our bodies emanate energy waves from thoughts, actions, and emotions. These emanations carry vibrational energy on a range of levels. All of us can tell the difference between happiness and sadness on a feeling, vibrational level. This then manifests through the human being and their bio-energy fields. The more aligned and healthy a human being is, the more that human being will “Shine.”

This “Shine” then comes from the composite health of the whole being of mind, body, and spirit. When there is an overall state of balance of being, or homeostasis, the human being radiates. When there is an imbalance, or blockage, “The Shine” is not as perceptible. With continual imbalance, day after day or year after year, ill health will take hold and “The Shine” will fade. With continual practice of good health, a human being can continue to radiate inside and out with the potential to “Shine” on the lives of everyone.


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