Shamanism in Health - Feb 17, 2018

How is Shamanism Valuable for the Health of an Individual?

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The word "shaman" comes to us from the Siberian Tungus culture; roughly translated it means "one who sees". The implication is that the shaman is one who sees what others in ordinary reality cannot.

Like a hollow reed, the shaman has cultivated a free space within his or her interior self through which to be a conduit for the world of spirit. The shaman is able to "see" into the spiritual realms of non-ordinary reality and is able to communicate this "seeing" into the here-and-now reality of ordinary consciousness. So the the shaman facilitates a bridge of connection between the smaller picture of human concerns and a larger-picture reality in which the natural world is vast, interrelated and intelligent at every turn.

In the shamanic model of consciousness, the body is in the mind. In other words, the health of my body reflects the state of my mind: my beliefs, my acquired social conditioning, past soul experiences ("karma"), unresolved trauma in this lifetime, anything, in fact, that has shaped my perception of reality. If that self-concept or world view model excludes some quality of aliveness, then physical illness and imbalance may result.

To the shaman, all illness and dis-ease are a result of the loss of some part of one's soul essence. The shaman, with the assistance of a spirit helper, is able to find and retrieve the lost parts of a person's essential self--those qualities of a person's life-force and soul-force energy that became fragmented due to trauma.

With the retrieval of these lost parts of a person's wholeness, a person reconnects with her or his own naturalness and therefore the healing interrelatedness of the natural world and with spirit. This is the ultimate measure of health in the shamanic model of healing: being in a state of awareness of, and in good relationship with all that is.

Article by Luisa Kolker MA LPC

Luisa Kolker MA LPCLuisa Kolker, MA LPC is a shamanic healer and spiritual mentor based in Santa Fe, NM. Luisa offers in-person and phone sessions in psychotherapy (influenced by emotional skills training—DBT-dialectical behavior therapy—and mindfulness meditation). Her shamanic sessions include chakra readings, energy work, shamanic soul retrieval, extraction, and power animal retrieval. Luisa comes from a family lineage of healers trained in both traditional Western medicine and in the “curandera” traditions of Central America.

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