11 Healthful Tips - Dec 18, 2017

11 Tips To Help You Shine

shine on1. Be honest with yourself.  You know if you are overweight, could use some work, or could just make healthier choices.  If you are not sure, there are free, online calculators that will determine your Body Mass Index (BMI).  This simple little test will approximate you as “Underweight,” “Normal Weight,” “Overweight,” or “Obese.”

2. Eat for your health’s sake, for goodness sake.  You know, most of the time, if what you are consuming is healthy for you.  Choose healthy choices.

3. Exercise everyday.  This is simple.  Elevate your heart rate to where you are breathing heavily and can feel your heart pumping.  Please, be careful and work your way up slowly, if you have not been exercising regularly.  There are plenty of fitness experts and advice out there for you to contact.

4. Enzymes and Probiotics… These are some popular terms in health these days.  There’s a reason, and you can make use of them.  Enzymes aid in the catalyst of reactions in your body, and without them, these reactions could not occur fast enough to support life.  Probiotics are living strains of “good” bacteria that help your digestion.

5. Make your food your medicine!  Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, said to keep the drugs in the Chemist’s pot, if you can cure the patient with food.  There are so many ways (and web pages now) to make nutritious and delicious food.  Garlic, ginger, sunflower seeds, beet root, special herbs and spices… the list goes on and on.

6.  Get yourself into the sunshine!  Your pineal gland, or Third-Eye, is light activated and produces Melatonin, which helps with the production of Serotonin, and both are happy helpers.  Also, we obtain Vitamin D from the sun, which is the best source of the vitamin, and it’s free!

7. Go with Tea!  Let the coffee go, and grab a cup of tea.  There are so many delicious varieties with helpful attributes still possessing caffeine if you need that morning, or afternoon, pick-you-up.  Green Tea has been especially praised for its anti-oxidant qualities… and wine, too. ; )

8.  “Laughter is the best medicine.”  Watch funny movies, talk to funny people, or find whatever makes you laugh.  Not only is the physical laughter good for the body and soul, but the mental processes of finding something amusing means that you are no longer focusing on negative thoughts.

9.  Get a massage!  Touch is such a wonderful part of the human experience, and too many people are devoid of true sensitive touch in their daily lives.  A massage can help you slip into your Parasympathetic Nervous System, which is where the body slips out of fight or flight mode, relaxes, and begins to heal itself just with a little touch and deep breathing…

10. REMEMBER TO BREATHE!!!!  This is so important, and sounds so silly to some people (I mean breathing is involuntary!)  However, the study of conscious breath dates back to the Vedas and Ayurvedic path of self-help and health.  All of the bodhisattvas that have ever spoken about meditation are all focusing on the importance of connecting with your breath, your breath of life.  So, take time everyday to remember your breath, and breathe consciously and slowly.

11. Drink lots of water! Water is vital to health. We are made of mostly water, living on a planet of mostly water. Our blood, muscles, brain - all contain a lot of water.  Our bodies need water to transport oxygen to cells, to remove waste and toxins, to regulate body temperature and to nourish joints and organs. Water is our life-blood, so make sure you are getting plenty. A recommended estimate of how much to drink per day is to take your body weight in pounds, halve that and this is the amount of water in ounces you need every day... eg. a person weighing 140lbs would need at least 70oz of water daily.
So drink up! ... the cleaner and purer the water is, the better!