Swine Flu - Dec 18, 2017

Swine Flu - Try Natural Approaches


We remember receiving the polio vaccine and know that polio was reduced – and smallpox too.
But so many of us have our doubts.  Is this government, our government, able to tell us truths amidst what seems to be so much waste, dishonesty and disinformation occurring within its own structure?  Does anyone who has lost a high percentage of their retirement fund recently, or whose business suffers while bailout checks are written, or who has read any of the newspapers, believe that the hostility shown at the town meetings is only about health care?

It’s something called displaced anger, I think. That’s when we express anger about one thing when we are really angry about something else.  It’s a tough time to introduce legislation that could possibly cost lots more, or at least give our government involvement in our health. “Give someone something out of our right pocket when they just took their hand out of our left pocket”  – was how someone phrased it to me the other day.

Now comes along the Swine Flu vaccine.  Hmmm . . . what to do?  Choices here, choices there. Who are we to believe?  A simple test is to believe what your gut tells you to do, but only after being informed. READ all about it . . . everywhere you can. Find out what is in it – I mean ALL of the ingredients. When the time comes, and according to the scaled up breaking news reports, it appears that the time will begin soon, reaching a peak in January and February 2010, you can choose to get the shot, or you can choose to use solely natural approaches, or a combination of both.

The natural approaches include:

Boosting your immunity through limiting sugar because sugar feeds viral infections and depresses our immunity for a full 7 hours following consumption – so, stay away from sugar.
Boost probiotics and digestive enzymes to increase elimination of toxins and increase absorption of vital nutrients essential for the immune system.
Boost water intake to ½ your body weight / day in ounces (150 lb. person =75 oz of water) to flush toxins and prevent dehydration.
Vitamin “D3” liquid to boost immunity. Research shows 5,000-10,000 I.U.’s per day to be well tolerated.
Zinc can boost immunity significantly and helps enzymes work well – research shows 50-90 mg / day to be well tolerated for six months and then reduce.
A good multi-vitamin containing vitamins AND minerals boosts immunity significantly.
Herbs such as Echinacea can boost immunity as well as serve as a potent anti-viral.
Omega 3 fatty acids such as flax and fish oils can strengthen cells. Manufacturers generally recommend 1,000 mg of each per day.
Create a natural alkaline body (not acidic) – it is anti-viral – consume 4 times more fruits and
veggies than meat and carbs.
Oh, did we say that sugar depresses our immune system for 7 full hours? – eat less , stay away
from high-fructose corn syrup, and diet sodas.
Attempt to consume natural / organic foods  - less “boxed”, prepared and hydrogenated fats (the
ones in most chips, crackers, cookies, etc) -  organic contains far fewer toxins and additives.
Eat plenty of brightly-colored fruits and veggies – they really boost immune system and keep
weight off – use natural herbs to season – use less salt – use seasonings.
Drink water, drink water – and herbal teas – like green tea, Echinacea – big boost to immune
Get plenty of sleep to recover and restore your body – consider systemic enzymes at bedtime – they consume protein debris and disrupt viral structure.  Real big in Europe right now! And effective.
Limit wheat and dairy products – they tend to create mucous and depress system.

TRY – Natural approaches along with your swine flu shot – should you decide to get it.  But first, see a qualified health practitioner for guidance. 

- By Brian D. Jones, Naturopath and Natural Health Consultant

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