Brian D. Jones - Dec 18, 2017

Brian D. Jones, Naturopath

After spending 25 years in the soil science industry in the Philadelphia area, I moved to Rehoboth Beach, DE in 2005.  Born and raised in the Dover and Wilmington areas, my wife and I recently moved our practices from the Rehoboth area to Santa Barbara, CA.

My journey with natural medicine began with my close call in 1969 with a Marine Corps recruiter and my signing on as a Medic (I was always intrigued by their work) – almost . . . I was ready to sign and thought, as the pen was an inch from the paper, that it might be good to speak with my WWII vet Dad first.  Well, I didn’t enter the Marine Corps or go to Vietnam but many of my buddies and family did – some with very close calls.  I was fortunate to enter the University of Delaware where I played LaCrosse and graduated with a degree in Health and Physical Education in 1973.  The next 8 years were spent directing YMCA’s where I specialized in Fitness Training and Athletics.  I went on to receive my Masters in Education from Springfield College, Mass; received my K-12 Special Education Certification from Penn State and taught H.S. Special Education while I started a land care company in Philadelphia dedicated to caretaking the land without the use of pesticides. Having been a pesticide spray foreman during college summers, I experienced during this time some physical issues as a result of that adventure.

As the experience with harsh pesticides manifested into somewhat serious physical issues, my attention turned to utilizing the knowledge I had gained through doing thousands of soil tests and working with the Amish, to re-establishing my health with a similar model.  I observed the imbalances in soil nutrients and biology and the subsequent decreased health of grasses and soils – the more balanced the soil was with chemistry, biology, and physical structure, the healthier the soil and grass was – with less weeds and disease.  Transferring this template to human beings was not a big jump.  We ARE the soil and what is grown in it – nutrients, minerals, and enzymes (or the lack of) – as well as the pesticides and toxins!

So, I secured additional education with a Bachelor of Natural Health Studies and Doctor of Naturopathy degrees from Clayton College of Natural Health and went on to develop complementary and integrative education for improved human health.  Bringing together many years of technical experience and training, work with individuals and groups, professional education roles, as well as insight from personal health struggles, I hope to work with you in developing evolved personal health education and recommendations that may assist you in obtaining optimal health and an improved quality of life here in our beautiful beach area and in your travels.

I work with nutrition, natural enzymes, and natural supplements with my work focusing on empowering the individual with information and education.  Many issues I see involve flawed eating and digestion that, over time, can negatively effect health.  Often correcting flawed digestive conditions can have a dramatic positive effect on health and permit you to lead a fuller life.  My work involves common and chronic conditions  - children through the mature.  Call or E-mail for further information or to schedule a no cost ½ hr. consult. Begin meeting us further at 1st State Health and Wellness – “Where feeling better lasts a lifetime!” -  I look forward to meeting you!


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