Aeon Oliver-Terry, LMT - Feb 17, 2018

aeon bio photo Aeon Oliver-Terry, L.M.T.

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Aeon is a being who sprouted under the golden Australian sun, nurtured by its warmth until her wings grew and led her to London by herself at age sixteen. There began the adventure as an independent individual. The years to follow were full of self exploration, travel and growth.

A series of beautifully synchronistic events led her to settle momentarily in a little rainforest mountain town in New South Wales, Australia where she attended the Nimbin University of Life. Here she met and understudied a wise, old wizard man, Kenn, and a wise, old medicine woman, Joy. Kenn was a Vietnam veteran, a medic of the Australian army, who studied people, psychology, astrology and tarot, among other things. He wrote a book, his own interpretation of astrology and tarot wisdom, The Book of Life.

Joy is an acupuncturist magician, one of the first Australian women to enter and study in China. She is a very wise and perceptive woman who now works with, and successfully heals those people that Western medical practitioners have given up on.

These two beautiful, sage beings taught her ever so much.

Throughout her years in Nimbin, she experienced joy and sorrow, sweet sadness, depths of depression and pain, love, openess and honesty, so much beauty, and the knowledge that being truly and courageously herself was the most important experience that she could have. This understanding uncovered the path to unmasking the veils of self deception and loathing to allow the beautiful core to shine on through her very being. It was here that the magical manifestation of Jordan's arrival upon her doorstep occurred. Inevitably, this led her to the USA where they married and began the wonderful adventure of life together. Like water, love finds the path of least resistance. Together they have continued the always immensely growthful habit of travel and studying life : shamanism, psychology, health, massage, art and other explorations.

She has now alighted upon the shores of Santa Barbara, as a licensed, practicing Massage Therapist. She is continually fascinated by the intricacies of the human body, its energy flows and forms and its overall beauty.

She is an avid artist and photographer and lover of barefoot connection with the earth. She thinks the jasmine flower is the ambrosial nectar of the gods, that animals and infectious laughter are good for the soul, that the exquisite power of mother nature's shows of thunder and lightning is very exciting, and she believes that the human spirit in all its raw vulnerability is one of the most beautiful and powerful experiences of being here now.

Dream on, manifest, and shine on, you beautiful beings!