Jordan Shane Terry, LMT - Feb 17, 2018

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Jadaeon = Jordan + Aeon Art - A conglomerate collection of art by my best friend (and wife) and myself

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At a time when the world is all the more perceptively in a constant state of flux (not that it ever wasn't), we are seeing the emergence of new and exciting things.  We are, also, seeing the appearance of some of the scariest conditions that this world has ever seen.  There is a feeling of monumental change in the world as though the planet is reaching a crescendo or apex spinning and vibrating at all new frequencies in the most exciting time to ever be alive.

Jordan Shane Terry is, as of October 9th, 1982, to present day.  He was raised by two beautiful beings for parents who helped to develop both sides of his brain, and instilled the two most empowering words into his being, “You can.”

He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2005 with a degree in Architecture.  From this training, he gained a view and perspective of our total environment, both built and natural.  Jordan saw the world as all the more connected, and merely posing the term "nature" separates us from earth and clay that we are all continually molded from throughout our entire lives.  After delving into the world of sustainability and green architecture, Jordan realized that producing more architecture on this planet was not his path.  With a great deal of reflection, he realized that it was people's beliefs that shape our world and paradigms, and that this is the greatest potential source of change for humans.  When beliefs change, thought patterns change, and rightly following, so do decisions and actions that shape our world.

Realizing this, Jordan decided not to immediately pursue a career in architecture and traveled to Australia for a life changing adventure.  There he met his best friend, lover, and now life partner (wife), Aeon. For the next couple of years, he was enrolled in the University of Life: studying himself and others through reading and observing human psychological activity.  He became an avid reader of names like Joseph Campbell, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Neal Donald Walsch, Byron Katie, and many more.  Jordan, also, became involved in studying Shamanism and took several workshops furthering an understanding of himself and the many energetic worlds that surround us.

In 2009, Jordan participated in a massage certification class with his lovely wife.  He became a believer that this type of class "should" be a prerequisite for humanity.  He saw that it enabled the potential for all of us to feel, truly feel more than possibly ever conceived before now.  The class portrayed the importance of touching and feeling, and the benefits of knowing our own human anatomy. It became a catalyst for further study and a step into the healing world.  Someone once said that the day humans began to name the parts of the body was the day that humans began to heal themselves.  Jordan began to further understand the ability of human consciousness and the ability to affect our physical reality.

After acquiring his Massage Certification and Licensure, Jordan began what he called his, "paid internship," at Massage Envy Spa.  Almost two years and close to a thousand bodies later, he found his way to be a part of the Deep Tissue Massage Center, DTMC, of Santa Barbara, CA.  Although, a continual student, studying whilst working at the Spa in Tui Na, Shiatsu, Trigger Point, and Deep Tissue, he was thrust into a new world of body work with both feet first.  It was this step that led him to study Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy Techniques, Active Release Techniques, Myoskeletal Alignment, Active Isolated Stretching, and much more all combined into a powerful arsenal of tools to realign the body in a fascilitation of health for his clients.

Currently, Jordan and Aeon have used their combined knowledge and experience to exponentially increase their skills.  The two of them offer individual, couples, and Four Handed (2 therapists on one body) therapeutic bodywork and healing art.  Jordan, also, continues to work with the DTMC to help those that are in acute or chronic pain.  He is also, the Web Manager and writer for, and a dedicated surfer, as well as, a lifelong artist from genetic reception and scholastic training.  Some of his work can be viewed here

He sees that he is here, right now, to be of service to others in this gift of the present moment.

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