Ellen F. Cook, MA - Dec 18, 2017

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Treatment for Emotional Issues

When do people seek help for emotional issues? They seek help when it begins to affect their physical health and/or when their life becomes unmanageable.

As a mental health therapist and addictions specialist, daily living encompasses a combination of physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. The struggle may be to find balance with all of these.

For individuals physically challenged with illnesses and diseases such as alcohol or drug addiction, one must address the symptoms with the help of their primary care physician. This help would direct one to alternatives for healing through natural methods, traditional methods, or a combination of both. In addictions that may look like rehabilitation services that help one to become chemically stable and begins the process of emotional stability.

As physical symptoms stabilize the real work of feeling well is dealing with the emotional issues. The issues one might face will be dealing with the history in one’s life that may have included trauma or there may be unresolved grief associated with the memories that continue to effect thoughts and emotions. Along with past issues there are current stressors by which individuals at times need well-developed coping skills in order to function effectively. Add to this the way in which an individual perceives himself or herself whether it is negatively or positively. Remember, we talk to ourselves and give messages of either affirmation or condemnation, which is based in part on the way we first heard those messages early in life. If you were told repeatedly that you were never good enough, chances are that creeps into your inner dialogue with yourself.

Seeking help for emotional challenges can take place in a variety of ways. Counseling can take place with a psychologist or therapist. One can assess the treatment modality best suited for them. This might be described as talk therapy or using cognitive-behavioral therapy as an approach using psycho educational tools and structure implemented to change certain behaviors.

Another format to address emotional issues may be a group process. Being involved in group therapy provides a process that uses the energy of the group didactic. These groups can be the same sex or subject and can also include a 12-step fellowship approach. Any or all of these give an approach to increase self-worth.

As one balances physical and emotional issues of their life a spiritual awakening can take place. It becomes a natural progression to overall well being to profess gratefulness. This impact may lead to being willing to find, that which comforts the heart and soul of an individual. When this occurs, it may involve prayer, meditation, or contemplation of something that cannot be explained intellectually but only makes sense outside of the human experience. When one surrenders to this idea, they might find peace with not always needing to know the answer. Ultimately with this new awareness an individual may find joy in daily living experiences and find ways to share this with others so that one feels a further empowerment with their human essence and being.

Empowerment is the notions of “passing it on” to others so that they too might find balance in the enrichment of the body, mind, and spirit.

Ellen Cook is a Master’s trained therapist who has been practicing addictions counseling for the past three years. She helps others with emotional issues for individuals.

You can contact Ellen at ECook@TheSHINEonHealth.com