About Us All - Jan 23, 2018

Self-Help In Natural Enrichment

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It is all about simple health.  Health is not as complex as we have made it over the centuries.  It is about simple truths that we "should" all intrinsically know.  It is then our goal to make these truths about health known.

We are SHINE - A little bit about each of us

For example, a friend took a health class.  This is what he said he learned:

"Smoking is very bad, exercise is very good, and I need to be eating more fruits & vegetables and less meat.

That's it in a nutshell"  -general rule of good health for us all, submitted by S. O'Neill

So, where do we start?  We start with the individual and what we eat.  GIGO is a computer term standing for Garbage In Garbage Out.  It means that if you put garbage into any system, human or computer, you will inevitablly get garbage out of your system.  It is therefore pertinent that we are conscious of what we put into our bodies.  As we are mostly water, plenty of water is important everyday.  Also, what food do we eat?  Are we aware? Do we know where it comes from?  Do we know what pesticides are used on our foods?

This is just the start of what we are about, and the first steps towards a healthier human being.  Please check out our Wholistic Triangle to further read about our thoughts on health.