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Jordan and AeonGreetings!  Welcome to our little digital display of our art work.

We are a collaborative-couple of artists, Aeon Oliver-Terry and Jordan Shane Terry.  Our relationship began, along with an amazing tale of two entities meeting on the opposite side of the world, with drawing, and drawing together.  Over the years, our collaborative style has emerged.  What began with art as gifts for friends and family has evolved into a transcendental and almost shamanic process of working to instill essential essence of the subject into every piece.

Old Exhibit!!!  "Hands of Headlines"




Over time, it has come to our attention that we love creating art for others, including them in the art as an artist to co-create a collaborative creation:

  • extends beyond artwork,
  • moves into the realm of creating a beautiful world together,
  • how do we dance, share, play, draw, touch, listen, etc.???

"Can you think of a single thing you've done, that's meant anything, anything at all?"

Hand of a Healer
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Commissioned Art - Blessed opportunities to be asked to do artwork specifically for people.

We relish at the request for commissioned artwork.  Between Jordan's trained background in drafting and Aeon's amazing ability to bring the spiral of life to each drawing, we can transform ethereal thoughts, images, and designs to reality on a page of paper.  Some images, we acquire an individual's birthday details, and favorite things in the world.  While others, we address specfic requests of patrons.  It would be an honor to do your next piece of artwork to encapsulate a moment in time, a dream or an essence of life.  Email: Jadaeon6@hotmail.com

While we whole- heartedly love hand drawing, we do enjoy and appreciate the capabilities and possibilities that computer editing has to offer.

Most of the artwork that is edited by computer was a scanned or digital photo of a hand drawn image, but there may be others created digitally.

We admire and appreciate all forms of creativity artwork, and expression.

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