Hands of Headlines

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Headlines & Co Art Exhibit

Jadaeon Hands of Headlines BioWe have been blessed with the opportunity to do an art gallery for Headlines & Co.

We saw an opportunity to extend our collaborative art efforts to include the hands and energy of the people that make the place and space of Headlines & Co everyday.  We asked for their participation by obtaining their favorite color, painting their hands, and allowing them to start a piece of artwork by placing their hands on the page.  In turn, each piece has its own very unique flavor and energy depicting those that touched the page.


Marti Santa Barbara Punta del Esta Paris straight line circlesMarti's piece was one of the first to start, and last to finish.

She is a powerful being, touching the lives of many people including ourselves.  She said that she likes straight lines and circles and not too much clutter.  Her favorite places in the world are Santa Barbara, Punta del Esta, and Paris.  These can be seen in the background silhouetted by a sunset of light oranges and pinks reflected in the colors below with an overall peach glow.  Her choice of hand positioning was uniquely placed in the corner allowing for the foreground / background effect as though her touch eminates outwardly through ripples like wave patterns that arrive in straight lines upon the earthly shores.


Jay mandala yogi sun salutationJay's piece was a pleasure to watch it unfold before our eyes as a flower grows and a mandala was born.

Jay did not contact us originally about participating until he saw us a few times acquiring hand prints from others.  One day, he said he wanted in, and right then and there we grabbed his prints and some of his energy.  He is a buddhist and practicing yogi, and placed his hands in a circle.  The mandala was already there, we merely filled it in.  At the center, sits a seated, medatative figure surrounded by his hands.  At the four corners of the square are four poses of the Sun Salutation in yoga.  His colors were burnt oranges and reds.  This was our first ever mandala, and it was a beautiful experience.


Adriana star dancingAdriana was our first victim, or rather participant.

She had a wonderful, glowing energy, and her favorite symbol was a star.  She, also enjoys dancing / music and flowers, and from these simple attributes her drawing blossomed forth with power and brightness from her central hand prints.  This piece came out as one of our most impressive images for its wall presence with the floral attributes and eminating colors; powerful and simple.


Louis Alaska Sun MountainsLouis gave us, by far, the most hand prints and complicated beginning of all the pieces.

What came forth from his start was akin to the Magic Eye images where at different depths of focus, or soft eyes, different focuses come forth.  The overall image is the Greek flag, which he commented that his heritage was very important to him.  He is from Alaska, and so the mountain outline is that of Mt. Mckinley, the highest peak in North America.  To each side of the mountain is a wave reflecting his love of the ocean and warmere location here in Santa Barbara.  Overall, a very intricate and dynamic image evolved.  Also, we had Mister Matthew Scheiblin as a contributing third artist on this piece.


Maritza Star Angels SparklesMaritza gave us a wonderful pair of handprints that looked like little angels or pixies.

She came off very feminine and "girlie," but in the cutest and kindest of way possible.  She stated that she liked stars, pinks and purples, and sparkley things.  We actually did use glitter in this image, and the final production was very active, youthful or sprite / pixie like.  This was an enjoyable piece to work on as we had a contributing, 3rd artist, Mr. Matt Scheiblin.


Jessica Pisces Symmetry FishJessica was very precise with her placement of hand prints.

She was the only one to mention her Zodiac sign, Pisces, and state that symmetry was very important to her.  Through her touch, a beautiful Pisces symbol emerged with the coy fish opposite and equal, not symmetrical, but reflected.  A very watery image was produced, and to us, has become a beautiful representation of Jessica and her star sign.


Karen marriage ring spinning reading wonderful world of booksKaren is the reason this all happened.

Karen is a patron of Headlines & Co, and it is because of her that we got in touch with Marti in the first place.  We thought it appropriate to include her in the exhibit, and a wonderful image came through another many hand printed page.  She had just gotten married, enjoyed spinning (bicycling), and loved to read.  Her hand positions were already in a spiral nature that made the spinning of the image easy to manifest, bringing the attention of the eye inward to the center.  At the center, we have the ring and all that symbolism that holds creating a window into a wonderful world of imagination.  The quote at the center reads, "I have traveled the world, met the famous; saints and sinners, poets and artists, kings and queens, old stars and hopeful beginners.  I've been where no-one's been before, learned secrets from writers and cooks all with a library ticket to the wonderful world of books. ~Anonymous."  Thank you, karen.