Lyme Disease - Jan 23, 2018

Lyme Disease

Brian D Jones NaturopathLYME DISEASE – AN INTEGRATIVE METHOD OF DISEASE MANAGEMENT INVOLVING NATURAL APPROACHES – By Brian D. Jones, M.Ed., Naturopath, SHINE Natural Health, Santa Barbara, Calif.

Lyme disease involves all body systems and affects us at the cellular level. The disease usually appears as an initial acute phase followed by what is now accepted as a chronic phase.  Lyme disease can present in a variety of ways and can be diagnosed by conventional medicine as MS, ALS, seizure and other neurological conditions, as well as arthritis, CFS, gulf war syndrome, ADHD, fibromyalgia and various other difficult-to-diagnose MULTI-SYSTEM syndromes.  It appears Lyme is able to be dormant and asymptomatic and then, weeks, months or sometimes years later becomes symptomatic again.  i.e. - The progression of childhood chicken pox to adult shingles. Various types of opportunistic co-infections (fungal, parasitic, babesia) can appear along with Lyme and must be addressed also, thus, a challenging task for linear medicine targeting just one threat and not addressing the systemic nature of this, and other chronic diseases.   Conventional approaches with antibiotics have been successful for many but not for all with frustrations among patients and practitioners alike.  It seems that natural approaches that tap into and stimulate our own immune and enzyme systems can offer some hope of symptom relief as well as long term Lyme test bacterial colony reductions through assisting the body in what it has known how to do for many 1000’s of years –adapting and evolving to old and new threats of a wide diversity.

I have been symptom-free of Lyme since 2008.  I lived in a wooded area in S.E. Pennsylvania from 1985-2005
and took a tick off my r. femoral area (fold where upper right thigh meets torso) in 2003 and experienced a bullseye rash followed by overwhelming fatigue, massive neck / headache and body aches.  I went to a conventional Doctor and received 3-4 weeks of antibiotic therapy with a reduction of symptoms. About 3-4 months later, full symptoms returned, took additional antibiotics for 3-4 weeks with symptom reduction. Symptoms returned 6 months later and I began to heavily research natural approaches to understand how bacterial, viral, parasitic, and fungal colony counts live and thrive in our body – hoping to determine a long-term direction for managing this and other diseases.  Over the past 8 years, I have found some answers and now specialize in this approach toward healing with others who wish to apply this approach.  What follows is an outline of the approach and for those who feel this may be a good fit for them, a method for moving forward to finding possible relief from this and other chronic conditions that are emerging in which antibiotic resistance seems to be a factor in limiting long-term resolution.

The natural approach used focuses on three principles introduced in the following sequence:

1. A stimulation of our innate and adaptive immune systems in order to change and adapt to the adaptations and different forms Lyme presents within our systems including possible mutations to antibiotics.  Our innate system being the one we are born with that fights foreign body threats. Our adaptive system is the
one that LEARNS to CHANGE to ever-changing threats.  There are SPECIFIC NUTRIENTS, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs, etc. that are needed at specific dosages that are required to accomplish this. This stage is designed as the BUILD HEALTH STAGE – 1st meeting.

2. An evaluation and adjustment of specific food and diet / nutritional guides that insure a stimulation of our immune system and NOT a stimulation of Lyme bacterial growth as well as an evaluation and adjustment of specific approaches to stressors and social / emotional health that can, if not healthy, significantly reduce immune response. This is designed as the  REDUCTION OF TOXINS ENTERING THE BODY STAGE – 2nd meeting.

3. A progressive implementation of body toxin reduction, including bacterial and protein debris from Lyme disease as well as from BIOFILM HABITATS that the bacterium and co-infections live in but the immune system does not recognize -  specific enzymes do. Includes a detoxification /cleansing of organs and organ systems responsible for maintaining health. This stage uses specific herbal combinations, enzymes and nutritional approaches that reduce the inflammation that is a result of Lyme proliferation throughout our system. This is the REMOVAL OF TOXINS WITHIN THE BODY STAGE – 3rd meeting.

Full information of each stage is reviewed in each of THREE MEETINGS ONE HOUR IN LENGTH. You will receive much “user-friendly” written information as well as receiving detailed time with Brian Jones, Naturopath.  Each of three (3) meetings is usually 1-2 weeks apart and cost is $95 / hour / mtg.  Between meeting communications via email and phone are no charge. Additional more detailed meetings are on an “as needed” basis. There are specific supplements needed for each of the meetings that begin at a therapeutic level and then move to lesser amounts at a maintenance level. Refills receive a discounted price. Meetings are held at
the California office (Santa Barbara area) or via phone / email throughout the U.S.  Consults and seminars are held periodically (3-4 times per year) in the Rehoboth Beach – Bethany Beach, DE areas as well (please email for next scheduled seminar). The healing period for this approach is usually one month of recovery for every year you have had Lyme Disease with symptoms leaving the body and mind (neurological / cognitive issues) in the reverse order that they arrived.

Names of those who are successfully involved in the program are available.

The guided educational  program (the three steps on the front page) to improve health  addresses the following:

1. A no cost initial phone or in-person consult to determine if this approach is a good fit for you.

2. A small “kit” of information sent to you outlining policies and procedures that will guide your meetings.

3. An evaluation of health information and tests outlining your present health condition.

4. Replace enzymes / probiotics / HCL (stomach acid) for proper digestion, absorption and elimination.

5. Restore proper bowel flora to optimize immune and colon function.

6. Establish improved water hydration / absorption.  Increase body electrical activity – calcium, mag., silica.

7. Evaluate present supplementation and make recommendations.

8. Adjust lipid and glucose profile (cholesterol, sugar) with glucose and Omega 3-6-9 balancing.

9. Weight management. Food and nutritional guidance designed to optimize healthy weight.

10. Establish exercise needs and approaches.

11. Quality of life issues and stressor discussion regarding impact on our health.

12. Educate and guide need to detox heavy metals and other toxins from the body.

13. Educate and guide need for muscular, skeletal, and nervous system balance.

14. Educate and guide need for hormonal and neurological balance.

15. Educate and guide need for non-toxic personal care and non-toxic household cleaning items.

For more information or to begin:  Call 610-587-4198 (cell) or email : to discuss your Lyme disease or other chronic conditions.

*Note:  The content on these pages is not meant as a substitute for advice given by a physician, pharmacist or other licensed health-care professional. You should not use this information as self-diagnosis or for treating a health problem or disease. Patients / clients are encouraged to pursue traditional / conventional health approaches to Lyme Disease and other serious health conditions as needed and referred to by your personal care physician. The approaches outlined on these pages are designed to guide / educate individuals in stimulating our immune systems, guide / educate individuals in ideal diet / lifestyle approaches, and guide / educate in methods of improving health through detoxification and cleansing. The approach deals with many health factors and therefore is holistic in nature, not linear, that is, having a singular approach.  It is the belief of this health practitioner that true healing must address factors that cause disease and correct the dysfunction and not address factors that simply reduce symptoms only to have colony counts rise later and become symptomatic.  There are some approaches that utilize both conventional and complementary (natural) approaches quite successfully. It is up to the individual to evaluate what is the most effective approach to affect long-term health, vitality and quality of life.