How To Get Started - Jan 23, 2018

1. Schedule a no-cost, initial consult to determine if services may assist you.  The consult usually takes 15-30 minutes.  Contact Brian D. Jones, N.D. at or call him directly, 610-587-4198.
2. Schedule a dialogue, review "Profile," conduct initial evaluation - begin program
3. Choose one of the TWO Programs:
*"Healthy-Fit" - choose to meet as needed according to your schedule.  Clients may choose to conver to the Health-Matrix at anytime.  A portion of Healthy-Fit fees are credited to Health-Matrix.
*"HEALTH-MATRIX" - a comprehensive program designed to produce true, deep healing of body systems, and highly recommended.

**All programs include the following five steps.

Evaluation and Screening

Initial Dialogue and Evaluation
* Energy * Elements * Minerals * Hormonal *
Don't Guess, test.

Featuring the "Power Profile"

Dr Jones evaluating client

Education / Involvement

Individual and Group Education
Our "Knowledge Kit" has the Power to Heal
Review of Evaluation Data & Research
Supported materials to validate
and enhance understanding.

Dr jones Education Involvement


Individual and Group Programs based on data
designed with you so that they empower
you to optimal health.
Featuring: "Power Gram"
Professionally individualized
and designed to work.

Dr Jones explaining programs


"Health Professional Grade Supplements"
Balances and Unleashes the POWER WITHIN
Featuring "Powerzyme" Enzyme Therapy
Don't just strive,
Achieve the passion of optimal health.

Health Professional Grade Supplements

Social / Emotional Health
"The Critical Link"

We are our thoughts and feelings,
and they affect the quality of our relationships.
Take the "Stress Link" assessment
Determine it's effect in your life
and learn management strategies.
Achieve quality relationships
through optimal social / emotional / intellectual

Natural Health Triangle