SHINE Natural Health - Dec 18, 2017

"Letting Our Body Teach Us To Heal."

Power To Heal energy being light

In a world that sometimes may seem too much to handle
, SHINE Natural Health works to renew and restore energy and power to our body, mind and spirit in ways that will assist clients to invite and expand purpose, power and passion into our everyday lives.

SHINE Natural Health offers consulting and Natural Health approaches for common and chronic conditions. Clients include children through mature.

While often working with excellent traditional medical care, SHINE Natural Health is able to provide complimentary approaches to conditions such as cancer, diabetes, thyroid, hormonal and digestive conditions, men's and women's health, learning and behavioral issues, eldercare as well as weight & stress management to name a few. Often, care of this type is able to provide comfort and relief as well as unlock answers to chronic conditions. SHINE Natural Health can often offer possible approaches to many common conditions as well.

Offering approaches to healing known as "the nature cure", SHINE Natural Health bases it's approach on the active participation of our clients, sound nutrition, restoring and expanding cellular energy & nutrient balance, opening elimination channels, and detoxification. To do this, following an initial dialogue and evaluation, naturopaths educate and empower clients to make choices about utilizing natural substances such as herbal and homeopathic preparations, natural and organic vitamins, supplements, and enzymes as well as natural bodywork, natural herbal and botanical skin care, exercise and fitness, and social and emotional consulting to assist clients in making choices on how they wish to approach achieving optimal health.

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