Mind - Dec 18, 2017

Wholistic Triangle Body Focus

Spirit, Body, or Wholistic Triangle

Mind- rests on the fine line between Ethereal and Material worlds and is comprised of...
-Social: all worldly intellectual influences like books, television, radio, stories etc; located within the Material realm as it is knowledge that is received through Physical senses; knowledge passed through the Material world; an area where we can attain knowledge from others for empowerment or disempowerment
-Emotional: sits directly on the line dividing Material and Ethereal as it is both a mental state and bodily state; protein peptides spawned from triggered responses within the brain; Past- forgiveness of self and others yielding release of pains; Present- love of self and others yielding worthiness to receive love allowing positive relationships; Future- freedom from fears and reactions; REMEMBER TO BREATHE
-Intuition: thoughts that feel as though they come from nowhere; intuitive and Ethereal thoughts therefore located within the Ethereal realm associated with the Collective Unconscious and connected to the Spiritual

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