First Steps - Dec 18, 2017


Brian D. Jones & Me

Dr. Brian D. Jones, NaturopathWhat are the first steps that you suggest to take in a quest towards better health?

Brian D. Jones: "The first step for someone considering a path to greater health is to ask, 'Why?'  Why are they interested in pursuing this?  They come up with very definitive reasons.  It may be that they wish to see and be healthy with their grandchildren, life a fuller life, live longer, stop feeling so much pain and discomfort... etc.

Based on these reasons that are clear to them, it would be time to consult a health practitioner, outline some of these concerns, and determine a path that would assist them in reaching their goals.  They must locate a practitioner that is willing to speak with them and really, truly listen to their needs and interests.  From here, they will then design a plan for health WITH THEM."  How To Get Started

Why is it important that a health practitioner really LISTENS to people and designs a plan for health with a person?

Brian D. Jones: "Being attentively listened to validates the patient - fulfills a couple of basic needs we humans have. One being to give and receive love (or good energy ) - which  really good listening offers. The other is that we feel worthwhile, that what we have to say or do is recognized, that we mean something and that we have something to offer this world. Simple, good, empathetic listening  does that - part of any good healers protocol. If a health pratitioner is  not willing to take the time to really listen, find another who will.
It is very important to meet with a health practitioner who actively listens so as to take appropriate action to ensure that a patient does not move into a course of action that is unhealthy. An example of this is a patient that is taking 30 different supplements each day(true story) based on anecdotol health evidence that they gathered from the internet. Most of these supplements were 'hard tablets' that absorb at a 5-10% rate and tend to exit the body in the same fashion they entered. In this case, one of the supplements was Vitamin "C". He was taking 5,000 mg/day - in 'hard tablet' form. Bowel tolerance is usually 3,000 mg of a liquid or capsule of Vit "C". Well, the tablet would breakdown somewhat in the colon causing significant irritation and possible lesions on the colon wall and possible bleeding (which was his case). In the case of this patient, he kept 4 out of the 30 supplements in his program and went on to liquids and capsules (about 4 different new supplements)taking 2 years  to clear up the condition. 
There are many other stories where intentions are certainly good,  however, the action stage is not - often causing harm."