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Lymes Disease

lyme tick sizeLYME DISEASE – AN INTEGRATIVE METHOD OF DISEASE MANAGEMENT INVOLVING NATURAL APPROACHES – By Brian D. Jones, M.Ed., Naturopath, SHINE Natural Health, Santa Barbara, Calif.

Lyme disease involves all body systems and affects us at the cellular level. The disease usually appears as an initial acute phase followed by what is now accepted as a chronic phase.  Lyme disease can present in a variety of ways and can be diagnosed by conventional medicine as MS, ALS, seizure and other neurological conditions, as well as arthritis, CFS, gulf war syndrome, ADHD, fibromyalgia and various other difficult-to-diagnose MULTI-SYSTEM syndromes.

Free Health Seminars

SHINE logoOffered by Brian D Jones, Naturopath, and Ellen F. Cook, MFT Therapist

A series of health oriented seminars.

When Will The Herd Be Disturbed?

Biomimicry planet cell buddha
Musings on Biomimicry and Our Future...

We see it all around us. We see it within the atomic structure and the design of our solar system – the designs appearing similar – planets cycling around the sun; electrons, neutrons and protons cycling around a nucleus. We see it in our history books. We see it in our microscopes. Some say we see it when we pass from this living plane – they say the next is similar to this one. Bio mimicry . . .(read on here.)

Another Look at Cancer

brians imageSome educational information towards natural health from Brian D. Jones, Naturopath and Natural Health Consultant.

-Cancer & Terrain: creating a healthy terrain as a proactive non-cancer strategy
-Healthy Terrain: creating a non-cancer terrain as an intervention against cancer
-"PH" Balance: vibrant health begins with PH Balance

Benefits of Intelligent Touch

Healing Hand Buddha Art

Body therapy, or massage, is a practice of healthcare that has been around for centuries. Ancient texts document, “Anointing,” which was the application of oils to the body. Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine,” established some original holistic methods of healthcare that included exercise, massage, fresh air, rest, diet, and cleanliness. In modern times, we are seeing the emergence of a new understanding of massage therapy, and that massage is something not just for the elite, but for everyone.  Read more here.

Shamanism in Health

Shamanic JourneyHow is Shamanism Valuable for the Health of an individual?

The word, "shaman," comes to us from the Siberian Tungus culture; roughly translated it means, "one who sees."  The implication is that the shaman is one who sees what others in ordinary reality cannot.  Read more.

To explore a brief introduction into the world of Shamanism by Luisa Kolker, MA LPC. Click here.

Swine Flu

...Now comes along the Swine Flu vaccine.  Hmmm . . . what to do? Choices here, choices there. Who are we to believe?  A simple test is to believe what your gut tells you to do, but only after being informed. READ all about it . . . everywhere you can. Find out what is in it – I mean ALL of the ingredients. When the time comes, and according to the scaled up breaking news reports, it appears that the time will begin soon, reaching a peak in January and February 2010, you can choose to get the shot, or you can choose to use solely natural approaches, or a combination of both.....

Read the whole article here.

Empower your Health With Knowledge of Self

energy being chakrasThe day that humans began to name and study their bodies is the day that humans evolved in healing.

We all have a healer within ourselves.  Hippocrates acknowledged this, and modern science has confirmed it as well.  We regenerate.  Some of us more so than others, but all of us have the inherant ability to heal and be healed.  What moves us further along the evolutionary path is the insertion of our consciousness into the body.  When we focus our minds upon a body part and communicate with our bodies by asking it to heal, or thanking it for healing, we accelerate the healing process.  All of this can be facilitated by increasing our knowledge of our bodies, of our health, of our health care, and what is actually good for us.

Triangle of Health

holistic wholistic triangle mind body spirit yin yang taoLet us explore the wholistic trinity of the human being....

The Body- consists of Chemical, Physical, & Biological,
The Mind- divided into Social, Emotional, & Intuition 
And Spirit- expressed by Connection, Beliefs, & Wisdom

For further exploration, view our page on the Wholistic Triangle.

10 Zen (Co) Mandments

zen buddha sunset
1. Rest in Openness

2. Act with Kindness

3. Notice the Moment

See all 10 here.

4 Agreements - Toltec Wisdom

1. Be Impeccable With Your Word...

2. Don't Take Anything Personally...

3. Don't Make Any Assumptions...

4. Always Do Your Best...

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