& ETC - Jan 23, 2018

Our section devoted to the Cosmos and Chaos....


books hermetica joseph campbell healing astrology psychology water masaru emotoQuote of this Day : "The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change." - Carl Rogers.

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JT Transmissions

A collection of Jordan Terry's writings, thoughts, musings and ideas.

"This is to be a page of my thoughts, ideas, or intuitions.  As a leaping ape jumps from the tree reaching for the heavens, so too does the fallen angel embrace the earthly realm.  This is where we meet: the falling angel and leaping ape.  Where we combine the light and lofty intellectual ideas of the heavens with the weight of earth, feelings, and emotions to create a human experience.

I intend to communicate words strung together in sentences that group together for some form of coherency as a commentary of the human experience."

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If You Are Seeking...

cover book of life by kenn austin know thyself

Our dear friend and teacher who has passed away, has left behind a collection of his knowledge in his book, The Book of Life.

It has been brilliantly preserved online where you can get your own personal reading for the day.  So if you are seeking, see Kenn at  www.seekenn.com.