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What's New: Lyme Disease – AN INTEGRATIVE METHOD OF DISEASE MANAGEMENT INVOLVING NATURAL APPROACHES – By Brian D. Jones, M.Ed., Naturopath, SHINE Natural Health, Santa Barbara, Calif.

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"We are but human, and our health is affected by so many factors as we lead our daring lives.  Invite us to assist you in sorting out the issues involved to co-create elevated health."

Where to start?  From here, there are many places to go:

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-A Look at Lyme Disease
-Musings on BioMimicry
-Start with Simple Health
-Delve into the world of Nothing New
-View some Old Ideas of Health
-Check out the Brian D. Jones & Me Section
-If you are seeking, See Kenn
-Explore Shamanism in Health

What is this "Shine"???

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All this talk about SHINE, but what is it really?  Other than the acronym: Self-Help In Natural Enrichment, everyone possesses their own Shine.  Perhaps, you have seen it.  Maybe, you have seen it in someone else, or even in yourself in the mirror or in pictures.  Either way, we all have our moments to Shine.  Learn more here.